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The 12 Habits of Highly Effective Bidders -- July, 2005 - 

1 habits-1.htm 2  habits-2.htm 3  habits-3a.htm habits-3b.htm 4  habits-4a.htm habits-4b.htm
habits-4c.htm habits-4d.htm habits-5a.htm habits-5b.htm habits-5c.htm habits-5d.htm
habits-5e.htm habits-5f.htm habits-5g.htm habits-5h.htm habits-5i.htm habits-5j.htm
6  habits-6a.htm habits-6b.htm habits-6c.htm habits-6d.htm habits-6e.htm habits-6f.htm
habits-6g.htm 7  habits-7a.htm habits-7b.htm habits-7c.htm habits-7d.htm habits-7e.htm
habits-7f.htm habits-7g.htm habits-7h.htm habits-7i.htm habits-7j.htm habits-7k.htm
habits-7l.htm habits-7m.htm habits-7n.htm 8  habits-8a.htm habits-8b.htm habits-8c.htm
habits-8d.htm habits-8e.htm habits-8f.htm habits-8g.htm habits-8h.htm habits-8i.htm
habits-8j.htm habits-8k.htm habits-8l.htm habits-8m.htm habits-8n.htm habits-8o.htm
9  habits-9a.htm habits-9b.htm habits-9c.htm habits-9d.htm habits-9e.htm habits-9f.htm
habits-9g.htm habits-9h.htm habits-9i.htm habits-9j.htm habits-9k.htm habits-9l.htm
habits-9m.htm habits-9n.htm habits-9o.htm habits-9p.htm habits-9q.htm habits-9r.htm
habits-9s.htm habits-9t.htm habits-9u.htm habits-9v.htm 10  habits-10a.htm habits-10a.htm
habits-10b.htm habits-10c.htm habits-10d.htm habits-10e.htm habits-10f.htm habits-10g.htm
habits-10h.htm habits-10i.htm habits-10j.htm habits-10k.htm habits-10l.htm habits-10m.htm
habits-10n.htm habits-10o.htm habits-10p.htm habits-10q.htm habits-10r.htm habits-10s.htm
habits-10t.htm habits-10u.htm habits-10v.htm habits-10w.htm habits-10x.htm habits-10y.htm
11 habits-11a.htm habits-11b.htm habits-11c.htm habits-11d.htm habits-11e.htm habits-11f.htm
habits-11g.htm habits-11h.htm        

The essential bridge skill: Counting the hand - Part 1 and Part 2  -- March & April, 2010

Improve Your Opening Leads -- March & April, 2009

On Bridge and Basketball -- June, 2005

Negative Freebids  -- January - May, 2005

nfb-1.htm nfb-2.htm nfb-3.htm nfb-4.htm nfb-5.htm  

Troubles with Redoubles  -- September, 2003 - December, 2004

redbl-1.htm redbl-2.htm redbl-3.htm redbl-4.htm redbl-5.htm redbl-6.htm
redbl-7.htm redbl-8.htm redbl-9.htm redbl-10.htm redbl-11.htm redbl-12.htm
redbl-13.htm redbl-14.htm redbl-15.htm redbl-16.htm    

Bidding conventions and treatments

 Opener's Jump-Reverse (2 parts) Strong Jump Shifts  (3 parts)  Your 2C Bidding Structure  (4 parts) Defenses to 2-Suited Overcalls (3 parts)  Cuebids  (4 parts)      

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