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Newest books (published in the last year)

A Taste of Bridge  (Beginner)
By Jeff Bayone. A series of six lessons based on the beginner course taught at the largest club in North America -- the Honors Bridge Club in New York City. Bayone keeps it simple and emphasizes how to have fun learning and playing.

Defending at Bridge: A First Course   (Beginner)
By Bill Treble. A well-written overview of the basics of defense. Eight lessons and many practical examples explain opening leads, signaling, second- and third-hand play, discards and other topics. Named 2017 Book of the Year by the American Bridge Teachers Association.

Bridge Secrets: Don't Miss A Trick  (Advanced beginner to intermediate)
By Julian Pottage. This pocket-size book features concise, easy-to-understand tips on a wide range of bridge topics -- from devising a bidding system to reading your opponents' cards.

Playing 2-over-1: The Rest of the Story (Intermediate)
By Paul Thurston. A sequel to the popular 25 Steps to Learning 2-over-1, this book covers more sophisticated agreements and conventions to enhance a basic 2/1 bidding system. 

The Big Payoff: Slam Bidding at Bridge  (Intermediate)
By Bill Treble. The author covers many useful agreements and conventions that can improve slam bidding. The book also offers tips for judging slam situations and dealing with competition, plus several quiz hands.

Planning the Play: The Next Level  (Intermediate) 
By Barbara Seagram. A sequel to Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand, this new volume focuses on the use of more advanced techniques. It covers safety plays, avoidance plays, trump control situations, dummy reversals and endplays.

Expert Hand Evaluation  (Intermediate to advanced)
By Augie Boehm. The author emphasizes "outside-the-box" thinking to develop judgment, solve bidding problems and evaluate borderline hands.

Bidding Topics  (Intermediate to advanced)
By Eric Rodwell. An in-depth discussion of agreements that can improve constructive and competitive bidding. The nine chapters each start with the basics and progress to expert agreements. Included are full details on two conventions invented by the author -- Support Doubles and Serious 3NT. Named 2017 Advanced Book of the Year by the American Bridge Teachers Association.

Judgment at Bridge 2: Be a Better Player and More Difficult Opponent  (Intermediate to advanced)
By Mike Lawrence. The original Judgment at Bridge, now a classic, is the basis for this 232-page volume, which includes new material that deals with modern bidding. Lawrence also offers opinions on conventions you should consider adding and those that should be removed from your system. It's all written in the straightforward, conversational style that has made Lawrence one of the most popular of all bridge authors.

The Language of Bridge  (Intermediate to advanced)
By Kit Woolsey. This is an interesting and sophisticated discussion of communication at the bridge table. Woolsey offers valuable insights about how to make better use of the limited vocabulary of bridge bidding and improve the messages we send with bids and the play of the cards. He includes numerous example hands and clear, logical analysis.

Bridge books on Kindle  (All levels)
Many new titles and old classics formatted for the Kindle, Amazon's e-reader. 

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Bridge Classics and "Must-Reads"

Five Weeks to Winning Bridge  (Beginner)
By Alfred Sheinwold. This classic has taught millions to play, and it's the very first bridge book I ever read. I read it in one weekend -- and then reread it several times. It teaches 4-card majors, but the principles are easily adapted to a 5-card-major system.

Classic Book on the Play of the Hand   (Beginner to intermediate)
By Louis Watson. This is the oldest and most comprehensive guide to understanding the cards, with a wealth of information on suit combinations, basic strategies, end positions and other principles of declarer play. It was the second book I read, and it was slow going -- it requires careful study, but what you learn from it is invaluable.

Bid Better, Play Better   (Beginner to intermediate)
By Dorothy Hayden (Truscott). It's interesting that in the promotional quotes on the back cover of my very old copy, Alan Truscott (the author's future husband) offered the endorsement "one of the best bridge books ever written by a woman". Quite an understatement, as this is one of the best bridge books ever written by anyone, men included. Hayden's clear approach and sound advice will transform your game. This is an updated version of this classic.

Commonsense Bidding        How to Play a Bridge Hand         How to Defend a Bridge Hand   (Beginner to intermediate)
By William Root. You can't go wrong with any title from this master teacher, and these are three of his best. Commonsense Bidding is the most complete guide to basic bidding, published in 1986 but already regarded as a classic. The How to titles are comprehensive guides to every aspect of play and defense, with hundreds of hands that clearly demonstrate strategies, techniques and psychological factors. Each title was named Bridge Book of the Year (Commonsense in 1987; How to Play in 1990; How to Defend in 1994).

Complete Book on Hand Evaluation   (Beginner to advanced)
By Mike Lawrence. One of the best books ever written on this subject, from one of the most readable and popular of all bridge authors. Lawrence offers good advice on everything from basic counting to expert-level inferences.

How to Read Your Opponents' Cards   (Intermediate to advanced)
By Mike Lawrence. Valuable tips for all bridge players, with great insights into how experts read subtle clues and signals at the table.

Opening Leads   (Intermediate to advanced)
By Bob Ewen. One of the most thorough and well-written books on the most difficult aspect of the game. The author covers all the basics -- plus many advanced topics -- by presenting bidding scenarios and quizzes, with excellent explanations of how to collect clues from the auction.  Lead-directing bids and doubles are also discussed. Now out of print, but used copies are available. Also deserving of "classic" status (and also out of print) is Mike Lawrence's Opening Leads.

Right Through the Pack   (Intermediate to expert)
By Robert Darvas & Norman de V. Hart. A brilliant fantasy featuring ingenious hands and humor as each card in the deck tells its own tale. Each of the 52 stories offers shrewd advice for players of all levels. Voted one of the top three books of all time in the ACBL survey.

Bridge in the Menagerie   (Intermediate to expert)
By Victor Mollo. Humorous tales of the Hideous Hog, Rueful Rabbit and the other eccentrics at the Griffins Club, from one of the game's most entertaining authors. Mollo's characters and expert, witty analysis make these some of the most memorable hands ever published.

To Bid or not to Bid: The Law of Total Tricks   (Intermediate to expert)
By Larry Cohen. A best-seller that will change the way you evaluate your hands and make competitive bidding decisions. It contains many advanced topics and analyses, but the basic principles of "the Law" can be easily understood -- and successfully used -- by intermediate-level players. 1992 Bridge Book of the Year.

Card Play Technique: Or the Art of Being Lucky   (Advanced to expert)
By Victor Mollo & Nico Gardner. Considered by many to be the best book ever written on card play, this time-honored book teaches techniques you can apply to both declarer play and defense.

The Secrets of Winning Bridge   (Advanced to expert)
by Jeff Rubens. Interesting and very detailed discussions on hand evaluation, matchpoint play and many topics that are covered only lightly in other books.

Killing Defence at Bridge   (Advanced to expert)
By Hugh Kelsey. Brilliant advice on how to solve problems on defense, with many very difficult quiz hands. Also recommended is the sequel, More Killing Defence.

Bridge Odds for Practical Players   (Advanced to expert)
By Hugh Kelsey & Michael Glauert. The leading book on bridge probabilities, now in its 7th printing. The authors provide short explanations of the theories and detailed examples of how to calculate odds and solve problems at the table.  

Matchpoints   (Advanced to expert)
By Kit Woolsey. The best book ever written on expert-level matchpoint strategy and tactics. The author tells you up front that you probably won't agree with all his ideas, but they will definitely make you think -- and improve your matchpoint decisions.

  Adventures in Cardplay   (Expert)
By Hugh Kelsey and Geza Ottlik. This is a reprint of a classic that is one of the most challenging bridge books ever written. The deals are ingenious, sometimes spectacular, and the analysis is very deep and detailed.

Bridge Squeezes Complete: Winning Endplay Strategy   (Expert)
By Clyde Love. This is a new edition of the time-honored, expert-level treatise on squeeze play. It's definitely not light reading, but worth the time and study for serious players.

Why you Lose at Bridge   (All levels)
By S. J. Simon. Meet the Unlucky Expert, Mr. Smug, Mrs. Guggenheim and other now-famous characters in a book with simple, entertaining advice on how to attain the best results possible. Published in 1946 and reprinted in 1996, this was voted the #1 book of all time in the December 1994 ACBL Bulletin survey.

 The Official ACBL Encyclopedia of Bridge   (All levels)
Edited by Brent Manley. A thick volume packed with information on people, conventions, card combinations, bridge terms, history and just about anything else you might ever want to know about bridge. This is the 7th edition, updated in late 2011.

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Basic books for beginners and learners

Bridging the Gap  
By Michael Abbey. A quick-start introduction to the basics of bidding and play.

Win at Bridge: A Teach Yourself Guide 
By David Bird. A beginner's guide with quick-start introductions to key principles, interactive quizzes and self-tests. The author offers additional articles on a companion website to help learners track their progress. 

Declarer Play at Bridge: a Quizbook 
By David Bird & Barbara Seagram. This is a companion to the authors' previous title, Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand, which was named 2010 Book of the Year by the American Bridge Teachers Association. It features tips on planning the play and reinforces the concepts with self-quizzes and detailed explanations of the solutions.

How to Play Winning Bridge  
By David Bird. A teaching course and guide to all things bridge, this hard-cover volume includes a history of the game and its champions, a beginner tutorial, sample games, rules and reference sections. A majority of the later chapters are written for intermediate and higher-level players.

 Gary Brown's Learn to Play Bridge 
By Gary Brown.  Designed for newcomers, this well-organized manual offers an easy, step-by-step approach and a refreshing writing style. Named 2007 Book of the Year by the American Bridge Teachers Association.

I Love Bridge
By Mimi David. A workbook for bridge teachers and learners who want to teach themselves how to play. This is the first in the three-volume "Valentine" series that includes Intermediate and Advanced Bridge texts plus a teacher's manual.

Playing a Bridge Hand: Just the Basics
By Mary Ann DuFresne. A how-to book for beginners who want to learn more about planning the play, managing entries, building tricks and eliminating losers.

Goren's New Bridge Complete
By Charles Goren. The original "bible" for the Standard American 5-card-major system, this classic was updated in 1985 and remains a solid reference for beginners and advancing players.

Club and Diamond Series       Opening the Bidding        Bridge Basics 3: Popular Conventions 
By Audrey Grant. "Bidding in the 21st Century" series, which includes updates of instructional books used in American Contract Bridge League teaching programs. The Club Series manual teaches bidding; the Diamond Series teaches play of the hand. Other titles by Audrey Grant are here.

Introduction to Declarer's Play         Introduction to Defender's Play
By Eddie Kantar. These popular books feature easy-to-understand "how-to's" on all the basics, from one of the game's best teachers and most readable authors. Both volumes include some advanced material.

Bridge for Dummies      Bridge for Dummies (Large-print edition) 
By Eddie Kantar. An entertaining, detailed introduction to the basics of bidding and play. 1997 Bridge Book of the Year. The large-print edition features updated information on the latest bidding techniques and an expanded section on playing bridge online.

Bridge Basics        Five-Card Majors
By Ron Klinger. Two volumes with succinct lessons that teach the basics of the standard bidding system used by most players in North America.

Teach Your Child Bridge  
By Ron Klinger. Designed for adults who want to introduce bridge to children. The book presents a simplified ACOL system (popular in the UK) with lessons, graphics and teaching tips. 

The Fun Way to Serious Bridge
By Harry Lampert. Now in its 20th printing, this is a sound introduction to the basics, with lots of illustrations and a pleasant writing style. The tips here are valuable for learners and for party-bridge players who want to make the transition to duplicate bridge.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Bridge
By Anthony Medley. A comprehensive lesson book for learners, with good explanations of the logic behind bridge bidding. Each chapter has many quiz hands.

A First Book of Bridge Problems         A Second Book of Bridge Problems
By Pat O'Connor. Fifty declarer and defensive problems, presented in approximate order of difficulty. The emphasis is on planning the play at the first trick. A First Book was named 2012 Bridge Book of the Year by the American Bridge Teachers Association.

ABC's of Bridge
By William Root. Clear descriptions of the basics from this award-winning teacher. 

Learn Bridge in Five Days        Bridge for Bright Beginners
By Terence Reese. Bidding summaries and fundamentals of offensive and defensive bidding and play.

An Introduction to the Science of Bidding: Bridge with Brian 
By Brian Richardson. A beginner's text that will appeal to those who eventually want to play duplicate bridge. In addition to the basics, the author teaches weak two-bids, Jacoby transfers and other popular conventions.

Beginning Bridge 
By Barbara Seagram & Linda Lee. This learner's manual covers every aspect of the game -- bidding, declarer play, defense and scoring -- with user-friendly tips, stories and quizzes.

Bidding at Bridge: A Quiz Book
By Barbara Seagram & David Bird. This new title is presented in the same format as the authors' previous book, Declarer Play at Bridge: A Quiz Book, which was named the 2013 Book of the Year by the American Bridge Teachers' Association. The focus here is on bidding decisions. Each section contains a brief introduction on a specific topic, followed by problems that allow readers to practice their new skills.

Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand 
By Barbara Seagram. Good instruction on the basics of declarer play, including suit establishment, finessing and ruffing losers. It also focuses on how declarer forms a plan for the entire hand. 

The Road Across the Bridge: A Relaxed Tuition in the Art of Bridge 
By Bryan Stephens. An introduction to the bare basics of cardplay, followed by instructions for playing Minibridge, then "real" bridge. The later chapters cover simple conventions and playing tactics, interspersed with humor and commentary.

Wait-A-Minute Bridge
By David Stevens.  Subtitled "A Complete System for Bridge Beginners and Advancing Players", this book uses a stop-action format to encourage the reader to think through bidding, play and defense problems.

Bridge in 3 Weeks  
By Alan Truscott. A comprehensive, 21-day course for absolute beginners. The basics are presented in an short, easy steps, with a handy index for quick reference.

Bridge is for Kids  
By Patty Tucker. Beginner lessons written for children.

Bridge for Beginners & Beyond 
By Karen Walker. The 18th edition of a self-teaching textbook for learners and advancing players who want to tune up their skills. This revised edition features a chapter on the popular 2-over-1 bidding system. Lessons begin with the bare basics and progress to more advanced topics, including tips on how to add popular conventions to your system. Order direct from the author through this link.

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For advancing players

Bridge: Tips and Techniques from the Masters
Various contributors. This heavy volume is an edited compilation of several bridge books, most by English authors, including Tony Sowter, Brian Senior, Sally Brock and Tony Forrester. It includes 4249 diagrammed deals in sections on bidding, defense and declarer play.

Matchpoint Tricks
By Ib Axelson & Villy Dam. A series of declarer-play problems with a theme of finding extra tricks and a discussion of how to determine when it's necessary to risk your contract.

Points, Schmoints!  More Points Schmoints Negative Doubles
Declarer Play the Bergen Way Bergen for the Defense Better Rebidding with Bergen
More Declarer Play the Bergen Way Marty Sez Vol. 1Vol. 2  Vol. 3 Bergen's Best Bridge Quizzes
Better Slam Bidding with Bergen Understanding 1NT Forcing   Bergen's Best Bridge Tips
Slam Bidding Made Easier To Open or Not to Open: Rule of 20 Secrets to Winning Bridge

By Marty Bergen. Modern advice and interesting ideas -- all with a good dose of humor -- on how to evaluate bridge hands, tune up your bidding and make at-the-table decisions. Points, Schmoints was named 1996 Bridge Book of the Year. Declarer Play the Bergen Way was 2005 Bridge Book of the Year.

Winning Duplicate Tactics 
By David Bird. Good explanations of duplicate scoring and how to make critical decisions in pair and team games -- how to choose contracts and when to be aggressive vs. conservative, take risks, play for overtricks. 

Deceptive Card Play Reading the Cards Defending Notrump Contracts         
Avoidance Plays Safety Plays  Defending Suit Contracts               
Tricks with Trumps Planning in Suit Contracts  Defensive Signaling    
Entry Management #1  Entry Management #2    Tricks with Finesses 
Planning Notrump Contracts  Planning Notrump Contracts #2    Planning in Defense
Endplays and Coups Eliminations & Throw-Ins  Squeezes Made Simple 

(entire series). By David Bird, Tim Bourke & Marc Smith. Named 2002 Bridge Book of the Year, this "Bridge Techniques" series teaches the most important aspects of card play. Each 64-page book features specific techniques, example hands and explanations of the strategies from declarer's and defenders' points of view.

Suit Contracts         Defensive Plays      Notrump Contracts    
By David Bird, Brian Senior & Sally Brock. Three volumes in the "Essential Bridge Plays" series.  Each 160-page book describes standard techniques and advanced strategies. Bird's Notrump Contracts was named 2003 Bridge Book of the Year by the American Bridge Teachers Association.

52 Great Bridge Tips                      52 Great Bridge Tips in Declarer Play 

        Another 52 Great Bridge Tips       52 Bridge Mistakes to Avoid
By David Bird. Each volume offers a series of weekly tips, designed to keep bridge enthusiasts entertained and occupied for the whole year.

Bridge Squeezes for Everyone        Bridge Endplays for Everyone 
By David Bird. Straightforward explanations of two declarer-play strategies and techniques, written in a conversational style with excellent quizzes and recaps.

Off-Road Declarer Play 
By David Bird. A unique book that explores unusual ways to play a bridge hand, with explanations of why and when such techniques may be necessary. The methods include strategies for creating entries, surviving bad trump breaks, executing "elopements" and inducing the defenders to help you.

What's your line? 100 Instructive Bridge Problems  
By David Bird. One hundred problems covering a wide range of card-play techniques. Each is presented in a two-hand format with solution and full deal, bidding tips and points to remember.

Defensive Signaling at Bridge  
By David Bird. A good discussion of the purpose and types of defensive signals, with examples, quizzes and recommendations. Also included is an analysis of the methods used by eight world-class pairs.

Ten Ways to Improve Your Bridge      10 More Ways to Improve Your Bridge  
By David Bird. Each book offers an analysis of ten topics in bidding and play, ranging from cuebids to special doubles to creative fit-showing bids. The sequel includes tips on adding helpful conventions (Jacoby 2NT, Lebensohl and three forms of keycard Blackwood).

Clever Plays In The Trump Suit  
By David Bird. An instructional book on declarer-play with a focus on managing the trump suit -- unblocking, endplays, safety plays, avoidance plays, entry management, playing Moysian fits and other techniques.

Winning Duplicate Tactics   
By David Bird. Good explanations of duplicate scoring and how to make critical decisions in pair and team games -- how to choose contracts and when to be aggressive vs. conservative, take risks, play for overtricks. Named 2015 Book of the Year by the American Bridge Teachers Association.

Matchpoints Versus IMPs 
By Augie Boehm. Matchpoint (pair) and IMP (team) events use different scoring systems and require different strategies. This book offers sound advice on how to develop your personal style and make successful bidding and play decisions at each form of scoring. Links to the preface and table of contents are here.

Demon Defense & Demon Doubling         Wielding the Axe 
By Augie Boehm. Thorough discussions of the risks and rewards of penalty doubles and tips for defending doubled contracts.

Private Sessions: A Bridge Education  
By Augie Boehm. A focus on how to think at the bridge table. The author offers ideas for improving your memory, visualizing layouts, evaluating hands, timing your bids and plays, and becoming a successful declarer.

Three Notrump in Depth  
By Augie Boehm. A treatise on how to bid, play and defend "everyone's favorite contract." Part I offers a wide range of easy-to-use bidding tools to help you and partner discover when to choose 3NT and when to avoid it. Part II covers play and defense of 3NT contracts.

Bridge Smarts: Path to Bridge Success 
By August Boehm. An interesting and original approach to teaching the nuances of hand evaluation. The book includes numerous exercises and quizzes that explain how to make inferences and think through a problem. Named 2016 Book of the Year by the American Bridge Teachers Association.

Countdown to Winning Bridge
By Tim Bourke & Marc Smith. A highly recommended book with detailed tips and techniques on how to develop the critical skill of counting a bridge hand. If you can count to 13, this book is sure to improve your defense and declarer play. The content is also available in an interactive CD-ROM version.

Leading Questions in Bridge 
By Sally Brock. Answers to a wide range of opening-lead questions: Active or passive? Lead partner's suit or your own? Lead trumps? Be deceptive? These and other issues are covered in an approachable book aimed at players who want to improve this important skill.

Larry Teaches:   Opening Leads     Doubles & Redoubles      2/1 Game Force      Defense      Declarer Play 
By Larry Cohen. Concise instruction with a focus on the rationale behind the recommendations. Spiral bound. Also available for Kindle e-reader.

How to Play Like an Expert (without having to be one)  
By Mel Colchamiro. A light-hearted discussion for advancing players who want to make expert-level decisions. Its advice comes with anecdotes, quizzes and lots of bidding gimmicks.

  Spotlight on Card Play 
By Robert Darvas & Paul Lukacs. An updated reprint of a 1960 title, this well-organized book presents common play problems and leads the reader to each solution through a series of questions and answers.

Dormer on Deduction 
By Albert Dormer.  Practical advice on how to use logic and different types of reasoning to enhance your card play and enjoyment of the game.

Bridge With Bells and Whistles  
By Mary Ann Dufresne & Marion Ellingsen. This book reviews basic bidding concepts, then suggests and explains refinements to help novices progress to the next level. The recommendations include several popular conventions for advancing players. Winner of the 2011 Book of the Year award from the American Bridge Teachers Association.

Teach Me To Play: A First Bridge Book
By Jude Goodwin & Don Ellison. A unique way to introduce bridge to children, full of cartoons, activities and quizzes. 1988 Bridge Book of the Year.

Improve Your Declarer Play: Five Steps to Simplify the End Play
By Audrey Grant. Clear instructions, examples and practice deals on how to use endplays and throw-ins to win extra tricks as declarer.

2-Over-1 Game Force  
By Audrey Grant & Eric Rodwell. All the basics of Two-Over-One system and the Forcing Notrump convention, with color-coded bidding charts, summaries, exercises and examples.

The Impact of Opening Leads Against No Trump Contracts 
By Audrey Grant. Instruction and practice deals that focus on how to improve your opening leads to notrump contracts and how the lead affects decisions later in the play.

How the Experts Win at Bridge
By Burt Hall, Lynn Rose-Hall and Larry Cohen. Insight into how experts think at the table, with interesting explanations of how to adopt their strategies and techniques. 1997 Bridge Book of the Year.

Better Signaling Now  
By Mark Horton. Based on the acclaimed Step by Step Signaling, this revised edition includes explanations and evaluations of signaling methods popular among today's experts. Every chapter features practical examples of defensive plays by the world's top players.

The Rabbi's Rules: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Bridge Game
By Mark Horton. Real-life deals featuring the bridge-playing rabbi, Leonard Helman, and a wealth of tips on bidding and play.

Bridge Master vs. Bridge Amateur 
By Mark Horton. A collection of deals that illustrate the difference between expert players and would-be experts. The examples illustrate common decisions in bidding, play and defense where the amateur will often go wrong, but the expert never will.

Misplay These Hands With Me 
By Mark Horton. Written in the style of Terence Reese, this book leads the reader through a logical but ultimately unsuccessful line of play that was taken on actual deals from top-level events. The expert declarer then realizes how he could have improved the play and why he should have found the winning line.

Mammoth Book of Bridge
By Mark Horton.  This new book includes hundreds of illustrated hands and covers a wide range of topics -- from bidding systems and conventions to declarer-play tips to a history of the World Bridge Championships. It also includes information on bridge software and advice on playing clubs, tournaments and online sites.

Deadly Defence     The Deadly Defence Quiz Book 
By Wladyslaw Izdebski, Roman Krzemien & Ron Klinger. Two books that offer insights into how to become a deceptive defender and recognize special defensive situations. 

Kantar for the Defense: Volume 1  and  Volume 2
By Eddie Kantar.  Each volume has 100 challenging defensive problems, with excellent, easy-to-follow explanations of the logic behind the recommended plays.

New Approach to Play and Defense: Volume I  and  Volume 2
By Eddie Kantar.  Instructional quiz hands in an interesting format -- each is presented first as a declarer-play problem, then as a defensive problem. Volume I was 1986 Bridge Book of the Year.

Eddie Kantar Teaches Modern Bridge Defense        Eddie Kantar Teaches Advanced Bridge Defense  (Excerpt)
By Eddie Kantar.  Kantar's newest volumes of defensive tips, with some new ideas that can benefit players of all levels. Modern Bridge Defense covers basic concepts (leads, signalling, discarding, etc.).  Advanced Bridge Defense offers a thorough exploration of counting the hand, making inferences, falsecarding, using lead-directing doubles and other strategies. Named 1999 Bridge Books of the Year by ABTA. 

Eddie Kantar Teaches Topics in Declarer Play
By Eddie Kantar. The author offers very detailed analysis of specific topics in declarer play, including  finesses (when and how to take them, and equally important, when to avoid taking them), endplays, eliminations, issues with entries, suit establishment and counting.

Take All Your Chances at Bridge     Take All Your Chances 2
By Eddie Kantar. Great advice, lots of examples and an entertaining writing style from this prolific and popular author. The theme is finding and combining as many lines as possible to optimize the chances of making a contract.

Defensive Tips for Bad Card Holders
By Eddie Kantar. From one of the bridge world's most popular authors comes a collection of 578 tips that will improve defensive play. This new edition is based on Kantar's 2004 book, but has been completely revised and updated to reflect modern bidding. It also includes many new tips. 

Treasury of Bridge Tips             Take Your Tricks       
By Eddie Kantar.  Each book offers hundreds of easy-to-understand tips, strategies and "rules" to improve your bidding, declarer play and defense. 

Gamesman Bridge
By Eddie Kantar. You'll find Kantar's classic wit, wisdom and excellent bridge lessons in this reprint of a 1972 title.

Winning Contract Bridge          Competitive Bidding in Modern Bridge 
By Edgar Kaplan. Two excellent books with timeless advice from one of the game's greatest players and authors. Winning is two complete books in one volume -- a basic course and an advanced section with insights into expert-level strategy and psychology. Competitive Bidding was the first complete treatment of defensive bidding, offering sound, timeless advice that can improve any player's judgment.

The Bridge Philosopher         Return of the Bridge Philosopher
By James Kauder. "Bridge with a bite" -- a series of bridge problems with logical answers and connected stories, presented with acerbic commentary by the title character. 

Bridge Conventions Complete 
By Amalya Kearse. A comprehensive, 1100-page encyclopedia that covers hundreds of conventions and treatments. It doesn't have information on newer conventions (last printing was in 1990), but it's still a valuable addition to any bridge library.

Sharpen Your Bridge Technique 
By Hugh Kelsey.  Subtitled "How to think like an expert", this is an insightful and well-written discussion of card reading, probabilities, deceptive plays and many other expert techniques, including mental rehearsal, concentration and relaxation.

  Match Point Bridge
By Hugh Kelsey. An excellent introduction to the thought processes and strategies that affect success in matchpoint events. The book also includes expert-level analysis that will benefit players of all skill levels. 

Logical Bridge Play (Master Bridge Series)
By Hugh Kelsey. A new printing of an excellent guide to how experts reason out the best line of play or defense. The book teaches the reader how to make the correct inferences and deductions and how to assess timing issues.  

Improve Your Bidding Judgment        The Thin Fine Line     The Right Bid at the Right Time
By Neil Kimelman. A discussion of bridge bidding rules and how to determine when they do and do not apply, especially in competitive auctions.

365 Winning Bridge Tips   
By Danny Kleinman. A collection of simple, common problems that often cause trouble for advancing players. 

   Card Play Made Easy: Volume I       Volume II        Volume III      Volume IV
By Ron Klinger and Andrew Kambites. A series with instructional tips and quizzes designed to make you a brilliant declarer. Each volume focuses on a specific declarer-play technique -- safety plays and endplays (Vol. I), playing suit combinations (Vol. II), trump management (Vol. III) and timing and communication (Vol. IV).
Ron Klinger's Master Class Modern Losing Trick Count Improve Your Bridge Memory
The New Complete Book of Bridge Play with the Champions Better Bridge with a Better Memory
Understanding the Contested Auction    When to Bid, When to Pass Bridge is Fun: Learn & Laugh with Ron Klinger
Understanding the Uncontested Auction Playing to Win at Bridge Conventions, Defenses & Countermeasures
Understanding Slam Bidding The Power of Shape  Ron Klinger Answers Your Bridge Queries
Understanding Duplicate Pairs Improve Your Bidding & Play 100 Winning Bridge Tips 
Practical Slam Bidding Guide to Better Card Play    100 Winning Duplicate Tips 
Cue Bidding to Slams Guide to Better Duplicate Bridge    Bid Better, Much Better After Opening 1NT  
Improve Your Declarer Play at No-Trumps   Improve Your Opening Leads   To Win at Bridge: Have you got what it takes?

By Ron Klinger. The Master Bridge Series, written by an Australian who is one of the game's most popular teachers and authors.

Flippers:  Opening Leads

Law of Total Tricks

Five-Card Majors

                Duplicate Bridge Memory Aids Twenty Great Conventions
              Modern Losing Trick Count    

By Ron Klinger. Supplements to the Master Bridge Series, these "fast-fact" reference guides offer rules, guidelines and lists in a handy, flip-open format. 

Defending Doubled Contracts and Playing Doubled Contracts 
By Ron Klinger. Quiz books of bridge problems from major national and international championships. The stakes are high and in almost every case, you have the chance to do better than the declarers and defenders did at the table.

Knave of Hearts
By Geoff Lacey. Entertaining and instructional accounts of hands from duplicate bridge games.

A Bridge to Inspired Declarer Play 
By Julian Laderman. A thorough discussion of the thought processes declarer uses to plan the play. Named 2009 Book of the Year by the American Bridge Teachers Association.

The Fun Way to Advanced Bridge
By Harry Lampert. A sequel to The Fun Way to Serious Bridge, this entertaining volume features tips on counting, refining your bidding system and developing advanced declarer skills. Named 1985 Book of the Year by the American Bridge Teachers Association.

121 Tips for Better Bridge
By Paul Mendelsohn. A guide for social bridge players who want to refine their skills. It includes solid advice, many example hands and a reader's test.

All 52 Cards 
By Marshall Miles. A clear discussion of counting, card-reading and other techniques experts use to reconstruct concealed hands at the bridge table.

Victor Mollo's Bridge Quiz Book
By Victor Mollo.  A recently updated collection of some of the late author's best problems for intermediate and advanced players.

Step by Step: Preempts             Step by Step: Slam Bidding
By Alan Mould. Excellent intermediate-level guides for improving your accuracy in two important areas of bidding.

Bridge: Defending Together        Bridge Unravelled  
By Freddie North. Defense and declarer-play problems with a focus on inferences, common themes and partnership defense skills. The explanations include example hands and revision quizzes.

The Fall of the Cards
By Donald Parson. A recently reprinted book with 100 provocative bridge hands and a cast of fictional, historical and mythological characters.

Play or Defend: 68 Hands to Test Your Bridge Skill       Defend or Declare? 72 Deals to Test Your Bridge Skill  
By Julian Pottage. Unique problem books where you're shown all four hands and asked whether declarer or defenders should prevail with best play. A fascinating challenge for the advancing player. Play or Defend was named 2004 Book of the Year by the International Bridge Press Association.

  A Great Deal Of Bridge Problems
By Julian Pottage. Almost 200 practical and interesting play problems with excellent analyses. 2008 IBPA (International Bridge Press Association) Book of the Year.

The Bridge Player's Bible Defend These Hands With Me   Masterpieces of Defense   
Clues from the Bidding at Bridge    Easy Guide to Defensive Signals   Masterpieces of Declarer Play  

By Julian Pottage. Instruction, examples and quizzes that demonstrate how to bid, play and defend a wide range of hands.

Golden Rules for Competitive Auctions Golden Rules for Constructive Bidding Golden Rules for Declarer Play
Golden Rules for Rubber-Bridge Players Golden Rules for Defence Golden Rules for Opening Leads

By Julian Pottage & Marc Smith. Each chapter features a "golden rule", with good descriptions of how and when to use each technique, how it works, and when the rule should be broken.

Thinking on Defense: The Art of Visualization in Bridge          Matchpoint Defense 
By Jim Priebe.  Instruction and examples on choosing defensive strategies and visualizing declarer's possible hands.

  Breaking the Bridge Rules: First Hand Play
By Barry Rigal. Knowing when to break the guidelines for bidding and play is one of the marks of an expert player. This is the first of a planned four-book series that focuses on situations where you need to do something that seems to go against the old advice, but is the killing lead or play. 

Deceptive Declarer Play  and  Deceptive Defense 
By Barry Rigal. Subtitled "The Art of Bamboozling at Bridge" -- how to use deceptive carding to take more tricks as declarer and defender.

Plan Before You Play 
By Howard Ringel.  Fifty instructive deals that focus on how an expert analyzes the opening lead and plans the play of the hand.

Andrew Robson's Bridge: Common Mistakes & How to Avoid Them   
By Andrew Robson. A hardcover book designed for less experienced or social player who is eager to improve but keeps making the same mistakes — and is often unaware that they are mistakes.

Bridge Lessons
by Andrew Robson. A 10-volume series on specific topics regarding bidding, defense and declarer play.

Bridge From A To Z 
By Eddie Rose. Fundamental bridge principles, one for each letter of the alphabet, with instructional hands from actual duplicate competitions.
The Game of Bridge Play Bridge with Reese     
Play These Hands With Me Reese on Play  

By Terence Reese. These classics were out of print for many years, but are now available in attractive new volumes reprinted in 2001 and 2002.  All offer valuable instruction and fascinating, often brilliant, analyses for advancing players.

Things Your Bridge Teacher Won't Tell You
By Dan Romm. The author discusses bridge techniques and some intangibles -- adaptability, psychology, partnership skills -- that are necessary to become a winning bridge player. The emphasis is on when to ignore rules and use your judgment to find the best bid or play. 

How to Play a Bridge Hand         How to Defend a Bridge Hand
By Bill Root. Two comprehensive guides to every aspect of play and defense, with tips on strategy, technique and psychology. Hundreds of example hands clearly demonstrate the principles. Each was named Bridge Book of the Year (How to Play in 1990; How to Defend in 1994).

Modern Bridge Conventions
By Bill Root & Richard Pavlicek. Explains many of the major conventions used by modern players in a more readable (but not as comprehensive) format than Kearse's Bridge Conventions Complete. If you're just beginning to add new conventions to your system and want to know which are most valuable, this is an excellent choice.
  Focus on Declarer Play Pathways to Better Bridge Defense  Step-by-Step Discarding
  Focus on Defence Focus on Bidding  Challenge Your Declarer Play  ( Excerpt )
  How Good is Your Bridge?  Beat the Experts at Bridge  

By Danny Roth. Six valuable books that concentrate on developing your judgment and decision-making skills. Roth explains the most common causes of errors and provides clear, readable explanations of how to recognize the dangerous situations and correct your technique. How Good is Your Bridge? was named 2008 Book of the Year by the American Bridge Teachers Association.

25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know

25 Ways to be a Better Defender

25 Steps to Learning 2-over-1

Pocket Guides:
 Bridge Conventions You Should Know

 Declarer Play at Bridge

25 MORE Conventions You Should Know

25 Ways to Take More Tricks as Declarer

25 Ways to Compete in the Bidding (Excerpt)

25 Bridge Myths Exposed

Practice Makes Perfect: 25 Bridge Conventions  

By Barbara Seagram, David Bird, Marc Smith, Paul Thurston & others. All books in the "25" series offer clear, simple explanations of practical aspects of bidding and play. Each book has good material on the basics and includes tips and ideas for more advanced players. 25 Conventions was ABTA's 1999 Book of the Year. 25 Steps was 2003 Book of the Year. The Pocket Guides are condensed versions of the full books.

Defensive Play at Bridge: A Quizbook 
By Barbara Seagram and David Bird. Good explanations of the basics of defense, starting with the opening lead.

Stayman Auctions

Jacoby 2NT

Roman Keycard Blackwood

Jacoby Transfers

Four-Suit Transfers

Splinter Bids 

Practice Your Slam Bidding (CD)

Practice Your Notrump Bidding (CD)


By Barbara Seagram & Linda Lee. The "Practice Your Bidding" series, featuring simple explanations and many examples for each bidding tool. Each of the CD-ROM versions combine three volumes into one interactive CD.

  Should I or Shouldn't I?
By Marc Smith. Good instruction on trump management, with an emphasis on the types of deals where you need to delay drawing trumps or take special care when leading the suit. The author gives a step-by-step instructions for how to spot these situations at the table and learn the proper techniques for handling them.   

Becoming a Bridge Expert Better Bridge for the Advancing Player  Frank Stewart's Bridge Club  
Frank Stewart's World of Bridge Winning Defense for the Advancing Player  

By Frank Stewart. Highly readable books, each with excellent advice on constructive bidding, logical thinking and card reading. Stewart also offers an interesting focus on developing your "table presence" and understanding other psychological aspects of the game.

How to Be a Lucky Player
By Matthew Thomson. Tips for how to make your own luck by improving bidding, play and hand-evaluation skills.

Getting Into The Bidding: A Bridge Toolkit
By Bill Treble. Explanations and recommendations of useful conventions and treatments for competitive bidding. The book also provides an overview of the fundamentals of preempting, making overcalls and using various types of doubles. 

Winning Declarer Play
By Dorothy Hayden Truscott. Well-written, often humorous, advice for beginners who know the fundamentals and want to reduce their mistakes.

Your Bridge to Conventions      Winning Bridge Conventions
By Patty Tucker. Collections of booklets on popular bidding systems and conventions, including 2/1 Game Force, Weak Two Bids, Jacoby Transfers, Inverted Minors, Good/Bad 2NT, Serious 3NT and many others.

Surviving Duplicate Bridge: The first 23.69 points
By Kathy Vishner. The author shares the highs and lows of learning duplicate bridge with her husband as her partner. She also includes tips on how bridge teachers can help students become more comfortable with the game. 

How NOT to Play Bridge
By Mike Dorn Wiss. A humorous and instructional discussion of how to avoid common errors at the bridge table. The character of Professor Gaston Gitane-Gauloise demonstrates his unique Inverted Bridge Teaching Method, showing you by example what not to do when playing bridge.

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For experienced players

Better Bidding with Bergen Vol. 1  (Uncontested Auctions)      Vol. 2  (Contested Auctions)
By Marty Bergen. Bergen outlines his personal recommendations for conventions and treatments, many of which are now widely used by tournament players. Read these books with your partner. You'll need to choose your agreements carefully and discuss them at length, but you'll find that many of his gadgets are practical, powerful weapons.

Inspired Cardplay
By David Bird & Martin Hoffman. An exploration of twelve critical areas of declarer play and defense. The authors show how expert plays that appear to be inspired guesses are actually the result of careful logic.

  Winning Notrump Leads
By David Bird & Taf Anthias. An unusual look at the common problem of finding the best lead to a notrump contract. The authors analyzed more than 100,000 computer-generated deals and came up with interesting, often surprising, recommendations. 

15 Winning Cardplay Techniques
By David Bird & Tom Bourke. A summary of 15 useful techniques for declarers, with numerous instructional deals to illustrate the variations.

The Art of Declarer Play
By Tim Bourke. A unique look at how experts think through the play of a bridge hand. The chapters and examples explain how to anticipate the likely distribution, use logic and visualization, "listen" to the cards and other ways to make what appear to be mpossible contracts. Named 2014 Book of the Year by the International Bridge Press Association.

Bridge at the Edge 
By Boye Brogeland. An "over-the-shoulder" look at almost 200 deals the author played in World and European Championships. Brogeland also discusses his partnership bidding methods and his approach to the mental side of the game.

Complete Book of Bols Bridge Tips   (Excerpt)
By Sally Brock (editor). This special gift edition features winning articles from the annual Bols Bridge Tips contest. The practical, insightful advice comes from almost 100 of the best bridge writers in the world.

100 Bridge Problems: Using Poker Tactics in Contract Bridge 
By Mike Cappelletti Sr. An interesting set of bridge problems that are solved by the author's unique approach to planning the auction, using deceptive bidding and judging your opponents. The author writes a monthly poker column for Card Player magazine.

To Bid or not to Bid: The Law of Total Tricks          Following the Law
By Larry Cohen. Named 1992 Bridge Book of the Year, the first title is so widely read that it revolutionized modern competitive bidding. It contains many advanced topics and analyses, but the basic principles can be easily understood and used by intermediate-level players. The sequel clarifies and reinforces some of the most important principles of "Law" bidding.

Larry Cohen's Bidding Challenge 
By Larry Cohen. Bidding problems and expert analysis of hands played at the prestigious invitational tournament at The Hague. An optional tear-out section at the back can be used by partners who want to practice bidding the hands before reading Cohen's analysis.

The Losing Trick Count: A Book of Bridge Technique 
By Dudley Courtenay. Originally published in 1935, this is a detailed manual of technique "as used by the leading contract bridge tournament players". The chapters offer numerous examples of expert bidding and play, with an interesting selection of hands from tournaments.

You Have to See This          There Must Be A Way
By Andrew Diosy. Two very challenging collections, each with 52 diabolical play and defense problems where the "obvious" answer is usually wrong. Diosy analyzes each deal from declarer's and defenders' perspectives, with a trick-by-trick description of how each side can counter the other's strategies. 

Partnership Agreements
By Clarke Fairbrother. A guidebook that's designed to take a partnership through the process of developing a bidding a system.  It covers conventions, treatments and system agreements in detail both  Standard American and 2-over-1 systems in detail, along with many conventions. The included Partnership Agreements Checklist offers an organized outline for discussing agreements and conventions. 

Bridge with the Blue Team
By Pietro Forquet. A collection of 140 of the most spectacular hands played by the legendary Italian Blue Team. The book also includes a summary of the Italian bidding systems and accounts of Blue Team triumphs world championships.  

Master Class: Lessons from the Bridge Table   
By Fred Gitelman. This is the first book from the world-class player who developed the popular Internet bridge club Bridge Base Online. The over-the-shoulder format offers insights into the author's thinking on dozens of hands from actual play. There's also a focus on bridge personalities, and the author includes many interesting observations about his partners and opponents. 

The Gus System:  Introducing Gus (Volume 1)     Gus Weak Two-bids (Volume 2)     Gus One Notrump (Volume 3)
By Matthew & Pamela Granovettor. Booklets that propose and explain the "Granovetter Unified System" -- an enhanced bidding system that features relay bidding. 

Standard Bridge Bidding for the 21st Century        Advanced Bridge Bidding for the 21st Century 
By Max Hardy. A reference set for the 5-card-major system, with a thorough discussion of modern bidding trends and expert treatments, plus some new ideas.

Better Signaling Now 
By Mark Horton. This text discusses the modern options for defensive signaling and helps you construct a system that suits your partnership style. Based on a previous book by the same author, this revised edition incorporates new ideas from experts Tim Bourke and Sandra Landy.

The Bridge Magicians: Spellbinding Plays from the Polish Stars   
By Mark Horton & Radoslaw Kielbasinski. Many bridge hands and analysis, along with personal insights into the group of Polish experts who have had incredible international successes over the past ten years.

The Mysterious Multi: How to Play It, How to Play Against It   
By Mark Horton. Everything you would ever want to know about the Multi 2D convention, which is used to describe a weak two-bid in an undisclosed major. 

Card by Card: Adventures at the Bridge Table      Further Adventures at the Bridge Table  
By Roy Hughes. Many interesting and challenging hands, where you watch an expert declare and defend, with opportunities to make your own decisions at critical points in the play.

The Contested Auction  
By Roy Hughes. A thorough, expert-level discussion of every type of competitive auction, with recommendations for useful conventions and agreements. Winner of the 2012 Book of the Year Award from the International Bridge Press Association.

Building a Bidding System 
By Roy Hughes. A detailed discussion of bidding theory and the principles that govern the design of an effective system. The author offers creative ideas and clear explanations of concepts that have not been covered extensively in other books. Runner-up for the Bridge Book of the Year award from the International Bridge Press Association. 

Fantunes Revealed
By Bill Jacobs. A "how-to" manual for playing the Fantunes bidding system used by Fulvio Fantoni and Claudio Nunes. This book explains how and why the system works and documents its successes.

Card Reading: The Art of Guessing Right at the Bridge Table 
By Eric Jannersten. An excellent guide to gathering clues from the bidding and drawing inferences from the play, with a good selection of challenging problems. Also recommended is Jannersten's Play It Safe - And Win, which offers good advice on how to play fairly difficult hands.

Polish Club International  
By Krzysztof Jassem. An update of the 2005 volume that explains the treatments and conventions of this advanced bidding system. 

Moments of Truth at the Bridge Table            Logic, Intuition and Instinct at the Bridge Table   
Serendipity in Bridge: Two-Brain Bridge 

By R. Jayaram. Three volumes that offer insights into expert thought processes as you play example deals from major tournaments held in India. Written in a conversational style, the books stress logical and creative thinking and offer some unique ideas about the value of using "gut feelings" to make decisions.

Imagination and Technique at the Bridge Table  
By Patrick Jourdain & Martin Hoffman. Difficult defensive problems with unexpected twists. The problems and analyses demonstrate how to assess the situation, picture the unseen hands and decide if an unusual or psychological solution is needed.

Patrick Jourdain's Problem Corner 
By Patrick Jourdain. A collection of challenging declarer-play problems from the author's regular column in BRIDGE Magazine in the UK.

Roman Keycard Blackwood: The Last Word 
By Eddie Kantar.  The fifth edition of the definitive book on the convention used by almost all serious players. Revised and updated, this new version contains leading-edge ideas and is full of examples, quizzes and practice hands. A must for the tournament player.

Bridge Master: The Best of Edgar Kaplan  
By Edgar Kaplan. A "greatest hits" collection of Kaplan's articles from Bridge World magazine, published after his death in 2004.

The Art of Card Reading at Bridge          Bridge Strategy at Trick One

By Fred Karpin. Two classics, with thorough analyses of the principles and excellent example deals.

Kelsey on Squeeze Play
By Hugh Kelsey. All four of Kelsey's squeeze-play books -- Simple Squeezes, Strip Squeezes,  Double Squeezes and Triple Squeezes -- unabridged, in one valuable volume.

Bridge for the Connoisseur        
By Hugh Kelsey. Analysis of 58 interesting and instructional deals, many featuring blunders and brilliancies from international tournaments.

The Notrump Zone
By Danny Kleinman. A good discussion of the principles and concepts that apply to notrump auctions, with many challenging concepts and system recommendations. The author covers all 1NT ranges and offers excellent discussions of how they affect your other system bids.

A Bridge to Simple Squeezes       Still Not Finding Squeezes?
By Julian Laderman. An award-winning instructional book and its sequel offer how-to's for executing various types of squeeze plays as declarer.

The Setting Trick: Practical Problems in Bridge Defense   
By Ian McCance. A book of problems in defensive cardplay by a top Australian expert. The deals come from real events, providing the reader the unique experience of being up against a declarer who will not always play perfectly.

Bridge Probability and Information      Never a Dull Deal: Faith, Hope and Probability in Bridge
By Robert MacKinnon. Practical mathematics for bridge players, featuring the principles of probability and how to apply them at the table. The two volumes include discussions of vacant spaces, restricted choice, conditional probability and how divisions of one suit affect the odds of other suit divisions.

Win the Bermuda Bowl with Me  
By Jeff Meckstroth & Marc Smith. A fascinating look into expert thinking as one of the world's best players competes in the Bermuda Bowl world team championship. The format gives readers the opportunity to make their own decisions at critical stages in each deal and compare their solutions with what the author did at the table.

Inferences at Bridge 
By Marshall Miles. The author shows how to collect vital clues from the bidding and play to make logical conclusions about the unseen hands. He includes many common situations where even advanced players will often miss the correct inferences. Remembering just one or two of the ideas explained here will improve any player's results.

Competitive Bidding in the 21st Century              

It's Your Call 

 My System: The Unbalanced Diamond  

Modern Constructive Bidding

More Accurate Bidding              


By Marshall Miles. Designed for serious tournament players, these books offer interesting analyses of bidding decisions and approaches. Miles discusses current thinking, poses original ideas and recommends methods that will be successful over the long term.

Bridge: Case for the Defence
By Victor Mollo.  A reprinted instructional book, with excellent analysis of many difficult defensive problems.

Card Play Technique: Or the Art of Being Lucky 
By Victor Mollo & Nico Gardner. A 2003 reprint of a previously hard-to-find classic that's considered by many to be the best book ever written on card play.

Easier Done than Said: Brilliancy at the Bridge Table
By Prakash Paranjape. A collection of brilliant plays from real life, with well-written explanations of the logic behind each decision. The problems range from "technically simple" to extremely complex, with a focus on plays that are difficult to find, but easy to execute.

Hocus Pocus          More Hocus Pocus         Focus on Hocus Pocus     
By Julian Pottage & Erwin Brecher. Challenging bridge problems, math brain teasers and logic puzzles.

Back Through the Pack
By Julian Pottage. An homage to Right Through the Pack, one of the most popular and successful bridge books of all time. The author uses the same theme as Darvas did in the original, where all 52 members of the deck of cards tell their stories.

Accurate Cardplay and Imaginative Cardplay  
By Terrence Reese and Roger Trezel. Edited and updated by Mark Horton, these two volumes are a compilation of eight highly rated booklets that have long been out of print. Accurate Cardplay includes these titles from the original series: Safety Plays in Bridge, Blocking and Unblocking Plays in Bridge, Elimination Play in Bridge, and When to Duck and When to Win in Bridge. Imaginative Cardplay includes Master the Odds in Bridge, Snares and Swindles in Bridge, Those Extra Chances in Bridge and The Art of Defense in Bridge.

The Mistakes You Make at Bridge 
By Terence Reese & Roger Trezel. This is an update of a classic that offers an illuminating look at the three types of mistakes -- costly, common and forgivable -- made by bidders, defenders and declarers. The new edition was updated by Ron Klinger to include more modern bidding theories.

Positive Declarer Play at Bridge        Positive Defense at Bridge        The Extra Edge in Play at Bridge   
By Terence Reese & Julian Pottage. Expanded and updated versions of Reese's originals, these books focus on planning the play and finding an advantage. Each book presents a wide range of problems, many of them quite difficult. 

Accurate Cardplay and Imaginative Cardplay  (Advanced to expert)
By Terrence Reese and Roger Trezel. Edited and updated by Mark Horton, these two volumes are a compilation of eight highly rated booklets that have long been out of print. Accurate Cardplay includes these titles from the original series: Safety Plays in Bridge, Blocking and Unblocking Plays in Bridge, Elimination Play in Bridge, and When to Duck and When to Win in Bridge. Imaginative Cardplay includes Master the Odds in Bridge, Snares and Swindles in Bridge, Those Extra Chances in Bridge and The Art of Defense in Bridge.

Defend with your Life   
By Terence Reese & Eddie Kantar. A classic and very challenging quiz book. Kantar says anyone who correctly solves at least 60 percent of the 75 problems has the right to consider himself an expert defender.

The Most Puzzling Situations in Bridge Play        Squeeze Play Made Easy  
By Terence Reese. Excellent instruction on the techniques needed to handle common but difficult problems in the play. Reese groups the problems by theme so you can study different variations of the same situation.

New Frontiers for Strong Forcing Openings
By Ken Rexford. A new approach for bidding strong hands, featuring two forcing opening bids (2C and 2D) to describe distribution early in the auction. The author discusses how to use cuebids, relays and pattern bids to reach the best contracts.

Really Unusual Notrump      Overcalling Opponent's 1NT   
By Ken Rexford. The first title describes an aggressive two-way overcall structure that uses an artificial 1NT to show a light takeout. The second title discusses the author's complex system for showing a wide range of hands over the opponent's 1NT opener.

The Bridge World's Test Your Play
By Jeff Rubens. This "workout for the mind" is an extremely challenging collection of 100 of the author's favorite hands from the magazine's popular column. 

Test your Play as Declarer Vol. 1  &  Vol. 2       
By Jeff Rubens & Paul Lukacs. Two internationalists teach you how to analyze and play out a wide range of difficult hands. Updated and reprinted in 2003.

The Rodwell Files  
By Eric Rodwell. A technical analysis of innovative ideas in card play for declarers and defenders. The author also discusses common mistakes and how to mentally prepare for competition.

Playing with the Bridge Legends 
By Barnet Shenkin.  The author puts you at the table with Meckstroth-Rodwell, Martel-Stansby, Garozzo-Belladonna and many more of the world's top pairs. The chapters feature lots of hands and analysis, with detailed personal insights into the players' successes (and disasters). Excerpt (Adobe Acrobat format).

Probabilities & Alternatives in Bridge   
By Antonio Vivaldi & Gianni Barracho. A thorough overview of when and how to calculate odds and percentages at the table, with an interesting focus on situations where you should instead rely on imagination, deduction and inference.

The Amazing Queen
By Clement Wong. An entertaining collection of 100 deals where queens are featured in bidding, play and defense problems. 

Partnership Defense  
By Kit Woolsey. The author provides a good overview of basic signaling strategies, but adds an expert spin with excellent discussions of more sophisticated methods. They include masking the defenders' communication, deceptive signaling and new ideas for suit-preference signals.

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By Mike Lawrence

Lawrence, one of the most popular authors today, has a unique, "table-side" writing style that appeals to almost every reader. Most of these titles are aimed at intermediates, but all contain material that can benefit players of any skill or experience level. Every title here is a

Play Bridge with Mike Lawrence -- Perhaps my all-time favorite bridge book, this hand-by-hand account of a tournament session shows you how an expert thinks and how to develop that elusive quality called "table feel".

Play a Swiss Teams with Mike Lawrence -- Good tips and insights into the thinking processes, strategies and techniques the author uses in a team-of-four event.

Judgment at Bridge -- Subtitled "What Went Wrong", this is an easy-to-understand discussion of many neglected areas of bidding and defense, with good recommendations on how to avoid common mistakes.

Mike Lawrence's Opening Leads -- An outstanding and quite complex discussion of how to analyze the auction, evaluate alternatives and choose the best suit and card for your opening lead. Now out of print, but used copies are available.

How to Read Your Opponents' Cards  -- A classic with valuable tips for all bridge players and interesting insights into how experts read subtle clues and signals at the table.

Complete Book on Hand Evaluation -- One of the best books ever written on this subject, with good advice on everything from basic counting to expert-level inferences.

The Complete Book on Overcalls in Contract Bridge (updated 2009 edition) -- A classic must-read for anyone who wants to improve competitive bidding.

The Complete Book on Balancing (updated 2012 edition) -- Comprehensive advice on how and when to keep the bidding open, including details on helpful conventions and expert treatments.

The Complete Guide to Passed Hand Bidding(updated 2011 edition) -- How to evaluate your hand, make competitive decisions and use conventions to improve your passed-hand auctions.

Complete Guide to Contested Auctions -- An interesting, easy-to-follow explanation of the judgment and weapons you need to win in competitive auctions.

The Complete Guide to Takeout Doubles (updated 2012 edition) -- This may sound like a topic for beginners, but even the most experienced players will find valuable ideas here. Lawrence covers all the tools and evaluation skills you need to improve your takeout-double auctions, with many expert tips. An update of the 1995 Bridge Book of the Year.

Double!  New Meanings for an Old Bid -- Expert-level agreements and gadgets that will improve your competitive bidding. 

Dynamic Defense -- A look at how experts think when defending a hand, with advice that even beginners can use successfully.

Falsecards  -- A thorough examination of the many ways you can legally mislead your opponents with falsecards as a defender or declarer. This is a revised and updated version of the definitive work on this topic.

I Fought the Law of Total Tricks -- Lawrence and co-author Anders Wigren offer evidence and examples that take issue with the theory of The Law of Total Tricks. Very interesting reading for advanced players.

Bidding Quizzes I: The Uncontested Auction -- Many examples and quizzes to teach you how to improve the accuracy of your constructive bidding.

How to Play Card Combinations -- Teaches you how to play the odds, spot problems and take more tricks as declarer or defender.

Partnership Understandings -- A workbook for use in partnership discussions, with questions (and answers) on all key aspects of your bidding system.

Workbook on the Two-Over-One System -- A great practice book for pairs who want to refine their methods with this popular bidding system.

Bridge Tip Seriess:  Bidding   Competitive Bidding   Cardplay  -- Revised, updated compilations of the author's previously published pamphlets on bidding and card play.

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General interest for all skill levels

Deadly Endplay          Shades of Gray (Pemberton Bridge Club Mystery)
By Ken Allan. Bridge novels featuring murder, cheating and other crimes, set at a duplicate club in a small town in rural Ontario.

  I Love This Game 
By Sabine Auken. An entertaining personal account of the German team's comeback in the 2001 Venice Cup. Focusing on the final 16 deals, the author describes the hands in detail and offers an instructional discussion of bidding and carding methods, conventions and how to develop team chemistry. Named 2006 Book of the Year by the International Bridge Press Association.

  Vulnerable in Hearts  
By Sandy Balfour.  Subtitled "A Memoir of Fathers, Sons and Contract Bridge", this hardcover is a touching and humorous history of the author's family and the game of bridge in pre-WWII Scotland, England and South Africa.

Big Deal: A Memoir from the Wonderful World of Bridge  
By August Boehm. Entertaining stories about the author's experiences as an expert bridge player. The tales feature colorful characters, bridge-playing celebrities and interesting playing venues -- from high-level tournaments and cruises to seedy money clubs and prisons.

Out of Hand and Off the Fairway 
By Bill Buttle. A volume of one-panel cartoons that lampoon bridge, bridge players and golfers.

Famous Play Decisions

Famous Leads & Defenses   

Famous Bridge Disasters

Famous Hands from Famous Matches

Famous Bridge Records

Famous Bidding Decisions

By David Bird. Part history and part instruction, these books feature spectacular feats (and blunders) of top players from around the world. The deals are presented as quizzes so you can test your skill against the experts.

Bridge Hands to Make You Laugh and Cry 
By David Bird & Nikos Sarantakos. Funny and heartbreaking stories of bad luck and disasters at the bridge table, with a good discussion of how to avoid the calamities suffered by others.

Miracles of Card Play  

Doubled & Venerable 

Saints and Sinners

The Abbot's Great Sacrifice

Divine Intervention

Unholy Tricks

The Abbot & the Sensational Squeeze

The Abbot, the Witchdoctor & the Disastrous Double

Celestial Cardplay 

The Abbot, the Parrot & the Bermuda Bowl The Abbot's Return to Earth  

  By David Bird & Tim Bourke. The celebrated series about the bridge-playing monks of St. Titus. The stories are highly entertaining, with many well-chosen and instructive hands. Considered by many to be Bird's best series.

Bachelor Bridge Beaten by the Masters Bridge Adventures of Robin Hood

All Hands on Deck

Rabbi's Magic Trick

Robin Hood's Bridge Memoirs 

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Kosher Bridge

Arrow Through the Heart

Somehow, We Landed in 6NT The Headmaster, the Matron & the Scissors Coup    

By David Bird. More titles from this prolific author, who combines bridge and humor. All feature eccentric characters who find themselves playing challenging and fascinating bridge hands in unusual settings.

Bridge Crosswords 
By Jeff Chen. Bridge players who enjoy crosswords can combine their favorite pastimes with this volume of 52 bridge-themed puzzles. The puzzles, which range from easy to challenging, feature clever clues and entertaining themes.

Bridge Below the Belt
By Larry Cohen and Liz Davis. A bridge novel set at a Miami bridge club, with egocentric pros and eccentric clients as the main characters.

My Favorite 52 
By Larry Cohen and Linda Lee. Fifty-two bridge hands that are amusing, instructional and sometimes spectacular. They were originally presented in Cohen's CDROM software with the same title. 

Cook and Deal
By Dorothy Cook. A unique gift that's a combination of a cookbook (the recipes are great) and a selection of interesting and challenging bridge hands.

Death in Duplicate
By Carole Coplea. A mysterious illness strikes the members of the faculty duplicate club at a small college. The local detective suspects murder, and all the players are suspects.

Standard Bidding with SAYC  
By Ned Downey & Ellen Pomer. A thorough, well-organized discussion on how to play "Standard American Yellow Card", the popular bidding system used by players in online clubs. 

The 8 of Clubs Was Good? Food for the Bridge Player's Soul  
By Elizabeth Flynn. A chronicle of a new bridge player's struggles to learn the game and her experiences at her local club. Also included are recipes for dishes to share with other players.

Bridge Player's Bedside Bookk
By Tony Forrester. An entertaining collection of  stories, tips, quizzes, jokes, bridge trivia and famous hands, including classics from some of the game's greatest writers. Designed by the author to be a "jolly good read", this hardcover edition makes a nice gift for players of all skill levels.

Murder at the Bridge Table        The Bridge Team Murders         I Shot My Bridge Partner
By Matt Granovetter. Bridge murder mysteries featuring interesting characters and a good selection of well-analyzed bridge hands.

Ace on the River: An Advanced Poker Guide  
By Barry Greenstein. This isn't a bridge book, and it's much more than a poker book. The author, who is a bridge player, offers an interesting discussion of attitudes, strategies and psychology that can be applied to any competitive endeavor.

At the Table
By Bob Hamman & Brent Manley. A fascinating look at the life and bridge career of the world's top-rated player, Hamman's autobiography offers insights that will help you improve your game. Right after I read it, I started thinking differently about my overall strategy -- and discovered that I was bouncing back better from my bad results.

On the Slam        The Unkindest Cut: A Bridge Club Mystery 
By Honor Hartman. Set in the Texas Hill Country, these novels feature sleuth Emma Diamond and a full cast of bridge-playing victims and suspects.

Bridge Mix: Chocolate Covered Contracts and Plenty of Nuts  
By Paul Holtham. A series of humorous, fast-paced short stories featuring many interesting bridge deals. The story settings include a bridge tournament, ancient Egypt and outer space. 

The Hands of Time: The most exciting bridge deals ever played  
By Mark Horton. A collection of brilliance and blunders from famous matches played from 1931 to 2004.

Canada's Bridge Warriors 
By Roy Hughes. This is the fascinating account of the three-decades-long partnership of Eric Murray and Sami Kehela, one of the best pairs in the world. The book tells the story of their  triumphs and heartbreaks, highlighted by their legendary battles against the Italians in the world championships. Named 2007 Book of the Year by the International Bridge Press Association.

Classic Kantar: A Collection of Bridge Humor      Kantar on Kontract  
By Eddie Kantar.  Kantar is not only one of today's best bridge writers, he's also one of the funniest. In this collection, he pokes fun at experts, confesses his disasters at the table, tells stories from his famous home bridge game, and recounts his misadventures as a world traveler. These will entertain players of all skill levels.

The Jack Who Would Be King   
By Jim Kaplan. Subtitled "To Life Master and beyond", this is an account of the author's quest to make Life Master. His travels take him to five continents for play with many colorful partners.

   The Bridge Philosopher        Return of the Bridge Philosopher  
By James Kauder. Two volumes featuring a curmudgeonly title character and funny, instructional stories on a wide range of bridge topics, from gripes about ACBL to how to think like a bridge expert.  

Play it Again, Slam Farewell My Dummy Contract Killers
The King's Tales The New King's Tales Your Deal, Mr. Bond
The Hog in the 21st Century

By Phillip & Robert King. The first six titles are novellas that combine fiction, witty satire and first-rate bridge hands. The last title is a new collection of Menagerie bridge adventures based on Mollo's characters. All very entertaining.

Right Through the Pack Again 
By Ron Klinger. An homage to the classic by Robert Darvas, with 52 clever stories, one from each card in the deck. Named 2009 Book of the Year by the International Bridge Press Association.

The Principle of Restricted Talent        Persistent Human Bridge Errors 
By Danny Kleinman & Nick Straguzzi. A collection of clever stories about the exploits of Chthonic, a fictional bridge computer. The Principle of Restricted Talent was named 2005 Book of the Year by the International Bridge Press Association.

Bumblepuppy Days: The Evolution from Whist to Bridge  
By Julian Laderman. An interesting exploration of the origins of the world's most popular card game. The author traces the history of whist, auction bridge and contract bridge with a focus on the fascinating characters who played the games. 

Northern Lights  
Ray and Linda Lee, editors. A compilation of bridge humor, puzzles, people stories and features originally published in Canadian Masterpoint magazine.

Encyclopedia of Card Play Techniques 
By Guy Leve. Originally published in France in 2005, this comprehensive volume describes and classifies hundreds of card-play tactics, from simple finesses to complex squeezes. Each technique is explained in detail and illustrated with an example deal.

Bridge My Way         Around the World in 80 Hands
By Zia Mahmood. Entertaining (some find them overbearing) exploits of one of the world's most flamboyant bridge players.

Richelieu Plays Bridge          Samurai Bridge
By Robert MacKinnon. Unusual bridge novels with historical settings. The well-written narratives offer compelling characters, clever plotting and many excellent bridge hands. 

The Backwash Squeeze and Other Improbable Feats 
By Edward McPherson. "A newcomer's journey into the world of bridge", this entertaining book chronicles the author's learning process and his experiences at his first tournaments. It includes interesting interviews and anecdotes, bridge history and an overview of bridge rules.

Bridge in the Menagerie

Winning Bridge in the Menagerie   

Murder in the Menagerie

Bridge in the Fourth Dimension

Bridge in the Fifth Dimension  

Destiny at Bay: More Magic   

You Need Never Lose at Bridge 

Victor Mollo's Bridge Club  

The Hog Takes to Precision

Last Call in the Menagerie     

By Victor Mollo.  Highly entertaining and very clever stories about the bridge adventures of the Hideous Hog and the eccentric characters of the Griffins Club.  Every title matches the quality, humor and energy of the original.

King of Hearts       Death Takes A Hand       Grand Slam        Doubled in Spades
By Susan Moody. Something different for mystery lovers, these cleverly plotted, entertaining British mysteries feature the exploits of "circumferentially challenged" bridge instructor Cassandra Swann. King of Hearts is also available in hardback. Most are out of print, but you can find used copies on Amazon.

The Devil's Tickets: A Night of Bridge, a Fatal Hand, and a New American Age 
By Gary Pomerantz. A thoroughly researched account of the 1929 murder of John Bennett, who was shot by his wife, Myrtle, after he mangled the play of a 4S contract. The story includes many anecdotes and an ensemble of 1920s characters, including Ely Culbertson and Fightin' Jim Reed, the U.S. senator from Kansas City who successfully defended Myrtle at trial.

Tickets to the Devil
By Richard Powell. Published in 1968, this is one of the first -- and funniest -- bridge novels. The story offers clever humor, sexual liaisons, bridge hands and even new bridge systems ("I play the Hoffmeister Notrump") as it follows quirky characters at a national tournament. Out of print, but used copies are available.

Bridge Behind Bars 
By Julian Pottage. A bridge novel set in a prison, with unusual characters and many interesting deals.

Death by Contract        Clubbed to Death
By Shirley Presberg. Fast-paced murder mysteries set at bridge tournaments and featuring plenty of bridge action.

Takeout Double: A Bridge Mystery         Double Elimination: A Bridge Mystery 
By Jim Priebe. Intriguing mystery novels featuring bridge-playing detective Art Fraser, who finds that bridge is intrinsic in solving the cases.

  The Cardturner 
By Louis Sachar. An entertaining novel about a teenager's relationship with his uncle and his discovery of the world's greatest game. There are plenty of bridge tips and deals here and a story featuring humor, romance and mystery.

Entertaining Bridge: Social Bridge at Home 
By Caroline Salt. The focus is on party bridge with minimum conventions. Includes recipes for bridge parties.

Bridge Mix: the Bridge cartoons of Charles M. Schulz 
By Charles M. Schulz. A compilation of the late cartoonist's bridge-themed cartoons, many featuring Snoopy and other Peanuts characters.

For Love or Money: The Life of a Bridge Journalist  (Excerpt)
By Brian Senior, Mark Horton & Omar Sharif. Two of the world's top bridge journalists take you behind the scenes on the international bridge circuit. The book is packed with fascinating character studies, great stories, humor and lots of hands.

  Tales Out of School   A Study in Silver   The Naked Bridge Player and other stories
  Bridge, The Silver Way The Canterbury Bridge Tales  

By David Silver. Five gems packed with challenging hands and witty satire. The bridge deals are fascinating and unusual, but the emphasis here is on humor, and Silver is a master at telling a funny story.

World Class: Conversations with the Bridge Masters
By Marc Smith.  Fascinating interviews with 26 of the world's top players. The interviews feature personal background on how they started their careers, their best and worst bridge memories, their views on the future of our game, and lots of their favorite hands. You'll find ideas here to help you improve your game.

Scotland's Senior Moment
By Harry Smith & Alex Adamson. A unique, behind-the-scenes account of the authors' experiences in the World Senior Team Championships in Bali.   

The Bridge Bum  
By Alan Sontag. A reissued version of the author's 1977 book about his life as a bridge professional. It has a light-hearted (sometimes hyper) style, funny stories and interesting insights about how to play your best.

How to Play Bridge with Your Spouse (and survive) 
By Roselyn Teukulsky.  This updated and expanded version of the author's original title offers a humorous look at the challenges of playing bridge with a wife, husband or Significant Other. It includes many entertaining, well-analyzed hands.

Bridge at the Breakfast Table
By Paul Thurston. A collection of bridge columns originally published in Canada's National Post newspaper.

The Great Bridge Scandal  by Alan & Dorothy Truscott        Story of an Accusation  by Terence Reese
Reprints of two books that present both sides of the "Bridge Scandal of the Century" from the Buenos Aires world championships.

The New York Times Bridge Book
By Alan & Dorothy Truscott. This hardcover, subtitled "An Anecdotal History of the Development, Personalities and Strategies of the World's Most Popular Card Game", makes a great gift for any bridge player. It's a unique collection of stories, trivia, gossip and famous hands that show how our game has developed over the past 75+ years.

North of the Master Solvers Club 
By Frank Vine. A collection of the late author's witty essays, articles and short stories, most originally published in The Bridge World magazine in the 1980s. Named 2009 Book of the Year by the International Bridge Press Association.

Bridge at the Enigma Club
By Peter Winkler. A bridge novel that relates the main character's new partnership with a mysterious woman and her methods for using encrypted, but legal signals.

Secrets Your Bridge Friends Never Tell You
By Cathy Winkler. An entertaining commentary on the ups and downs of playing bridge and the journey of progressing from beginner to expert. The author offers advice about a wide range of issues, from how to find and keep partners to playing with your spouse to hiring pros. 

The Lone Wolff: Autobiography of a Bridge Maverick 
By Bobby Wolff. A candid account of the bridge life of this world champion and former president of the American Contract Bridge League.

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